We shouldn’t make mental illness a scapegoat for violence

“If you were concerned about your personal safety, whom would you rather sit next to on the bus: someone with schizophrenia who sometimes hears voices or a football fan whose team just lost the championship?” See the rest of this thoughtful post by John Monahan.

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Why mental illness is no laughing matter

I was recently in a car with a couple of friends (they were actually a couple!) and the husband suddenly started laughing. His wife asked him what was funny and turning to me, he pointed out the window and said, laughter still in his voice: “Isn’t that one of your patients?” I looked in the […]

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Welcome to Our Own Minds

Yes, welcome! This is a blog that’s been long in the making, at least in my own mind. I’ve been thinking about it for over a year, mulling on the questions over and over. Should I? Should I not? Will anyone read? Will it matter? Of course I don’t have answers for any of those […]

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