If you think suicide isn’t that common, you’re dead wrong. Here’s why.

Suicide spectrum

Every time the subject of suicide comes up in a conversation (usually because there’s one in the media or at times like the recent World Suicide Prevention Day, someone is sure to ask me why we should worry about suicide, and if it’s really such a big deal. (And yes, this has been known to happen even when the […]

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Do you too believe these 8 misconceptions about suicide?

Suicide: Sometimes the difference between life adn death is a phone call. Today call someone you know is struggling.

This post is in honour of World Suicide Prevention Day — September 10 every year — and the theme this year is, “Connect. Communicate. Care.” Connect. Communicate. Care. Three words that capture three key concepts in suicide prevention. And when you think about it, what they all have in common is that they’re things we can do for […]

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My interview with Jennifer Kabangu

Doc Ayomide interview

Interview! So earlier this year (this was in April 2016) I was interviewed by a postgraduate student from Australian National University. Her name? Jennifer Kabangu, from Congo-Kinshasa, and she’s presently completing a Masters in Culture, Health and Medicine. As part of her research at the time, she was investigating the effects of culture on mental health, and vice versa. She found me […]

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Police to do “mental test” but I’m worried. Here’s why.

Why I'm bothered about the police doing a

So the other day I came across this headline in the national dailies announcing a new “initiative” from our dearly beloved police: AIG orders mental tests on Lagos policemen. (I actually was late to the party as it had been announced since mid-August and I only happened on it by the end of the month.) But you know when you see something […]

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“Do I have an anxiety disorder?” Test yourself quickly here!


Ever wondered if you, or someone you care about, might have an anxiety disorder? Here’s a free self-test to help you answer that question! And it won’t even take you more than a minute! This is NOT the same as actually going to see a doctor: the scores you get cannot be used as a diagnosis. But I’ve […]

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