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Allow me to give you feedback on giving feedback

When someone says they want to give you “feedback,” you know it’s lion-feeding time, and you’re dinner. And when someone asks you for feedback, you know what they’re really saying. “Tell me you like my stuff, and you think I’ll go places.” We’ve gotten it all wrong.

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Is suicide an act of bravery or cowardice?

You May Not Like The Answer To This… Short answer: you’re asking the wrong question. For the long answer, keep reading. See, I get this question a lot. And most especially after reports of suicide in the media, like now, in the wake of the recent suicide in by a medical doctor in Lagos, Nigeria. And even […]

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Introducing…colloquial depression

A new name for an old problem I think it’s time we all just agree that on two kinds of depression. Clinical depression and… Colloquial depression. If you’ve not heard of the second, it’s because I made it up. But as you will soon see, I only made up the name. But it’s really a thing. […]

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20 facts about depression you probably don’t know

You’ll never guess number…just kidding! “Depression.” It’s such a commonly used word, isn’t it? When last did you use it yourself? This week? A month ago? Did you using it of yourself or someone you know? But then do you really know what depression is? What it means for someone to have it? Here’s your chance […]

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The most unhelpful question when things go wrong

And 2 reasons it’s so common There’s a question I often get from people I’m working with that breaks my heart. The question is this: “How do I get back to who I used to be?” It’s a question I understand, being as human as they are. But the reason it breaks my heart is, it’s […]

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