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Share this 1-minute suicide test and save a life

Suicide takes more lives than murders and wars do. The problem is clearly serious, and again and again we hear news of someone else who died by suicide. One of the biggest problems is, suicides are difficult to predict. Sometimes, even the person who takes their lives by suicide doesn’t appreciate how serious the problem is. So I […]

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“Do I have an anxiety disorder?” Test yourself quickly here!


Ever wondered if you, or someone you care about, might have an anxiety disorder? Here’s a free self-test to help you answer that question! And it won’t even take you more than a minute! This is NOT the same as actually going to see a doctor: the scores you get cannot be used as a diagnosis. But I’ve […]

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“Do I have depression?” Test yourself quickly here!

How can you know if you are depressed? Or if someone you love is? Here’s a free self-test to help you answer this question. And it won’t even take more than a minute! This is NOT the same as actually going to see a doctor: the scores don’t represent a diagnosis. But I find that, […]

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Mental Health First Aid (a post for World Mental Health Day 2015)

Hello! Nice to have you over here. I’m glad you came to check out this extra resource. So in the spirit of the theme of World Mental Health Day 2015, “Dignity in Mental Health,” it’s a good time to talk about how we can support people with mental illness. So here’s a helpful approach to something called mental […]

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What to do if someone you know has schizophrenia

In my last couple of posts, I talked about what schizophrenia is, and how you can recognise it in yourself or those you love. In this last post in the miniseries, I want to talk about what you can do after a diagnosis of schizophrenia. (If you haven’t read the previous posts, you might want to go back and check them out first. Don’t […]

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