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Share this 1-minute suicide test and save a life

Suicide takes more lives than murders and wars do. The problem is clearly serious, and again and again we hear news of someone else who died by suicide. One of the biggest problems is, suicides are difficult to predict. Sometimes, even the person who takes their lives by suicide doesn’t appreciate how serious the problem is. So I […]

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Introducing…colloquial depression

A new name for an old problem I think it’s time we all just agree that on two kinds of depression. Clinical depression and… Colloquial depression. If you’ve not heard of the second, it’s because I made it up. But as you will soon see, I only made up the name. But it’s really a thing. […]

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20 facts about depression you probably don’t know

You’ll never guess number…just kidding! “Depression.” It’s such a commonly used word, isn’t it? When last did you use it yourself? This week? A month ago? Did you using it of yourself or someone you know? But then do you really know what depression is? What it means for someone to have it? Here’s your chance […]

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If you think suicide isn’t that common, you’re dead wrong. Here’s why.

Suicide spectrum

Every time the subject of suicide comes up in a conversation (usually because there’s one in the media or at times like the recent World Suicide Prevention Day, someone is sure to ask me why we should worry about suicide, and if it’s really such a big deal. (And yes, this has been known to happen even when the […]

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Police to do “mental test” but I’m worried. Here’s why.

Why I'm bothered about the police doing a

So the other day I came across this headline in the national dailies announcing a new “initiative” from our dearly beloved police: AIG orders mental tests on Lagos policemen. (I actually was late to the party as it had been announced since mid-August and I only happened on it by the end of the month.) But you know when you see something […]

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