Hi. I’m Doc Ayomide.

Welcome to my corner of the Internet, where I think aloud about what it means to be human, through the lenses of behavioural psychology, faith and storytelling.

Quick Bio

I trained in medicine, and later in psychiatry, in Nigeria, and have also volunteered and trained in youth work for over a decade.

I launched my blog in 2013 to create awareness around mental health and illness, becoming one of the first professionals in Nigeria to do so.

I live and work in the UK, after moving here to start over with my wife.

I was the kind of kid who spent a holiday working through an algebra text (age 12) and read Shakespeare’s complete works (age 16).

I taught myself to code (QBASIC) between secondary school and uni but then abandoned it in medical school. Choices, huh?

My favourite band is Switchfoot.

The writer who has most influenced me is CS Lewis.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is one of my favourite living writers.

What I Care About

Like I said, I’m deeply interested in human nature. I think and write about it most often through the lenses of mental health and Christian faith because I practise both.

I am also deeply interested in the dark side of human nature, which is why I love both the genres of horror and humour—they’re two ways we engage our dark side. So I write quite a bit about humour as well.

And I write about communication, because language is one of the most amazing miracles we have as humans, and we don’t talk about it enough. (Pun intended!)