Hi. I’m Doc Ayomide.

Welcome to my corner of the Internet. Here’s where I think aloud about how we can rise above the dark side of our natures to live meaningfully and fully as human beings—through the lenses of psychology, culture & faith.

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Latest writing

Some of my favourite work…

What Being Human is all about
An overview of why I write what I write

Mind your body
How the two became separated in our minds

I’m Christian and I don’t believe mental illness is “spiritual”
How I reconcile faith and practice

Therapists are the new priests
Need I say more? :)

What I write about

Well, human nature, as you might have guessed, but especially its dark side: who are we when no one is looking, and why?

I’ve wondered about that since I picked up a book about child jealousy at about age 8 and found myself blown away by the complexity of even the childhood mind. And to this day I love both humour and horror—because jokes and scary stories are two important ways we engage our dark side.

I write about all of this through the lenses of my two primary areas of practice: mental health and Christian faith. For more essays exploring several aspects of being human, follow any of these links…

humour and empathy
pain and recovery
Christian perspectives on emotional health
depression, suicide and other mental disorders
mental healthcare

Who am I?

Medical doc, psych training in Nigeria, now expat in UK.
(Why psych? The answer involves my grandpa.)

If I wasn’t a doctor? I’d probably be in tech.

I’ve volunteered (and trained volunteers) with young people as long as I’ve practised medicine.

That kid who at 12 spent a holiday working through an algebra text, and read Shakespeare’s complete works instead of learning to drive? Me.

Biggest writing influence: CS Lewis.

Pineapple belongs on pizza.
(Look, they even share first two letters!)

Sometimes, I write poems.

Every week

I publish new essays every week: if you subscribe you get them right in your inbox, together with my weekly newsletter, Notes on Being Human, where I share interesting ideas, observations and more personal stuff—oh, and Nigerian proverbs!

My emails have been described as “always thought-provoking” and “like a box of luxurious chocolates filled with surprise flavours“!

Come on, help yourself to a taste.

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