Hi. I’m Doc Ayomide.

I’m a medical doctor, writer and thinker, and I think and write a lot about what it means to be human. This is the home for my words, and I really appreciate you stopping by.

I’m all about being better at being you.

If you read that and are thinking, “Oh, motivational stuff?” Um, no. I mean, no offence to motivational speakers, many of whom I admire very much. It’s just not my thing.

No, I don’t have all the answers. (Would you even believe me if I said I did?) Heck, with any luck, I’m hoping to raise even more questions. 

“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.” Claude Levi-Strauss

I don’t know about the wisdom part, but I’m a big believer in sharing what you’re being the best way to learn more.


Someone once asked me:

Why do you even write?

Honestly? When it comes right down to it, it’s this:

Because I believe ideas matter. And words are one of our best way to communicate them.

Yes, my qualifications help me do it better, and my experience helps me do it more richly. Working in medicine, and especially mental health, means being on the frontlines of human pain and suffering, where there are often no easy answers, and sometimes none at all. Volunteering to mentor young people, many of whom are asking big life questions for the first time, has helped too, in me being comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, and being honest about what don’t know. But that it matters is what it comes down to. 

Okay, your turn: shoot me an email at hello@docayomide.com and tell me about yourself. I read every email and you bet I’ll reply. And while you’re here, don’t forget to sign up for my free email newsletter, where I get even more persona and share even more deeply

DisclaimerSince this website includes posts on healthcare, I should make this clear: everything I post on this website is strictly informational. Although I’m a practicing physician, this is a website, not a clinic. That means you should not interpret anything you read here as a substitute for personal medical advice from a proper consultation in an appropriate setting.

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