When you’re too unique to learn

The problem of over-emphasising “being special” In both my mental health work and my volunteer mentoring of teenagers, there’s a way of thinking I’ve come to recognise as deadly when someone latches on to it. It is said in many way, with different words, and varying body language, but it’s hard to miss, and it all [...]

How daily writing is like daily…cooking

Learnings from 18,074 words in 31 days My friend, the talented (and now prolific) Orisirisi, set out in 2016 to achieve (what was, to me at least) a feat—and achieved it, and inspired by her example, I decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for years… Write every single day. Actually, what she did in 2016, [...]

Simplicity is harder than complexity

How this paradox applies to writing One of my favourite writing quotes (yes, I collect them) is by 17th-century French mathematician and philosopher, Blaise Pascal. “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.” (Photo: Aaron Burden) I find myself thinking about it a lot when I’m trying to [...]

How exactly is ours a better world?

Thoughts on 21st-century human behaviour (Photo: Elliott Engelmann) Today I heard about two girls in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, who went out yesterday and haven’t been heard from since. Earlier in the week, I read this BBC article from last year on child abduction in the UK. Carried out by teenagers, no less. Just around [...]

I’m tired of hearing older people blame younger ones

A riff off of that Simon Sinek video So I just (finally!) watched this 15-minute Simon Sinek video on millennials [1], and what’s wrong with them. Sinek [2] makes a number of great points in the video, which overall is a critique of millennials and how we are disconnecting from one another, and you really should [...]

Communication breakdown

Photo: Lily Lvnatikk A poem No one is an island, they saybut they lie, for what else are we?Bounded by our hard egosand separated by a vast sea of sheer individuality. Yet, we are not isolatedfor from island to islandleaky boats incessantly floaton currents of speech pilotedby unskilled thought… And long before they reachthe shores, they capsizeor [...]

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