A poem Windscreen partly covered with water droplets looking out on road with traffic and green lights (Photo by Tessa Reed on Unsplash) He glances at her,this chauffeur-drivenman in business suit,from within his air-conditionedmade-by-Toyota rain shelter,one of nineteen suchthat slow to a stopbefore the glare oftwo red lights. Her eyes stung by endlessdarts of falling water,She [...]

From my cage to yours

A meditation Two hands gripping a wire fence (Photo by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash) Here we stand, you and I,aching souls sentenced to lifewithin frail cages of tissue and bonebehind walls that first were fences — boundary-markers over which to meet — but now serve only to imprison ourselves.And within, we are lonely. Here we stand, cage to cage,and [...]

What if we fail at new habits because we try so hard?

How I went from non-runner to running lover in 4 weeks of taking things easy A right hand, holding unlaced running shoes in a green field (Courtesy Kristian Egelund, via Unsplash) I am a runner. I couldn’t have said this a month ago. I wasn’t even thinking about running then. But somehow, in just four weeks, [...]

Who is my neighbour?

Or, how do we choose who we love? Photo credit: Gleren Meneghin Wanting to justify himself, he asked, “Who is my neighbour?” This was the lukewarm response to perhaps the most profound words ever uttered by a human. But, let’s be honest, it’s a response we’re all familiar with, isn’t it? Few of us, if any, have [...]

No, AI isn’t taking the place of doctors anytime soon

I’ve been really excited for the implications of the new Apple Watch (I wrote on that here). But shortly after I shared my excitement, someone in a WhatsApp group for my medical school alumni brought up some new artificial intelligence (AI) breakthrough, and brought up the old question: by Tim Foster on Unsplash Won’t AI soon [...]

Apple is quietly revolutionising healthcare

The new Watch matters more than the new iPhones Why? Because I can think of three groups of people who would be directly invested in getting one asap: The elderlyPeople with epilepsyPeople with heart disease For people in these groups (and that’s a lot of people) the Watch may well be such a lifesaver that price [...]

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