If you weren’t feeling church today

Some encouragement for we the easily distracted

Photo: Daniel Tseng

This one is for all the people who can’t seem to focus during worship in church.

We know ourselves.

It’s not everyday, but there are those days. You want to pay attention, but there’s just too much going on in your head. You want to join in when everyone’s praying but your mind won’t stay in one place. You try to sing along but your voice keeps trailing off.

We know ourselves.

When I can’t get into it, I get into how others are getting into it.

When I can’t sing, I relish the singing of others, focusing more on their energy where their ability is lacking. When I can’t pray, I say amen to the prayers of those who are. When I can’t concentrate on the sermon, I take notes anyway, and try to be thankful for the preacher’s efforts.

Sometimes you’re fully present, all in, and it’s all very enriching. But there are those other times when you don’t feel much of anything. You’re barely there.

At those times, consider this:

Sometimes, that you’re there at all is enough.

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