What if supernatural miracles matter less than natural means?

The title isn’t just clickbait, just so you know. I’m totally serious. And if you’ll just hear me out, I’m fully prepared to explain myself. I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection between faith and science, because in a sense I’ve always lived on that intersection: I’ve been captivated by both the Christian faith and […]

If you weren’t feeling church today

Some encouragement for we the easily distracted Photo: Daniel Tseng This one is for all the people who can’t seem to focus during worship in church. We know ourselves. It’s not everyday, but there are those days. You want to pay attention, but there’s just too much going on in your head. You want to join […]

As history, the Bible isn’t quite normal

No, really. I’ll explain. As historical records go, the Bible is pretty weird. I guess I’ve always known that on some level, but it came really clear after I wrote about history and how we get it wrong. In that article, I mentioned Chinua Achebe’s quoting the proverb about how the history of the hunt is […]

3 types of church people (just for fun)

Readers, Talkers and Singers It occurs to me that one can group church people into 3 rough categories, based on their preference for expressing faith. The readers. Aka “Bible students.” Spend at least half their quiet time quiet — I mean, reading the Bible.Favourite verse: Matthew 4:4 But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by […]

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