Tag: Cooking

  • What I learned from a dislike of cooking

    I don’t much like cooking. I like cooked food, mind you. And I like the sweet smell of food that’s cooking. It’s just the act of actually doing the cooking that I struggle with. I mean, think about it. You spend thirty minutes—sometimes even all of an hour or more—making this thing, only to devour […]

  • Don’t eat food you’re not done cooking

    (Hint: it’s about more than just food.) A number of people I know who like cooking also don’t like to nibble at the food while they’re cooking it. They taste it, of course, since they need to know that it’s actually okay. But the people I’m talking about, who’d rather not go nibbling at it typically […]

  • How daily writing is like daily…cooking

    Learnings from 18,074 words in 31 days My friend, the talented (and now prolific) Orisirisi, set out in 2016 to achieve (what was, to me at least) a feat—and achieved it, and inspired by her example, I decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for years… Write every single day. Actually, what she did in 2016, […]