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  • Judging a movie by its book is like judging kids by their parents

    It’s simply not fair to either side (Photo credit: Denise Jans on Unsplash) “Movies aren’t as good as books.” Might as well say: “Kids aren’t as good as their parents.” That one comes from the other doesn’t justify judging both on the same scale. As media, books and movies are as different as children and parents […]

  • “Have I anything to say that hasn’t been said?”

    A story about how I became free of this question It’s also a story of how one of the most powerful things anyone ever said to me came out of my mouth. It was a piece of advice I gave a friend, except I’m the one who’s never forgotten it, and it happened about a decade […]

  • I want my (unborn) kids to create, not just consume.

    Here’s why — and my ideas for how. I taught myself to code as a kid. It was only in QBasic (this was in the late 90s and although Windows existed, MS-DOS and floppy disks were still a thing), but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. I’d been lucky to find a tutorial book in the boring computer […]