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  • What it’s like to have dementia

    What it’s like to have dementia

    Grandma is aged 74 and a widow, five years now, and she lives with a domestic help in a Lagos suburb, although one or another of her three children drop by once every other week or so, usually with the grandkids (her first child is married). As everyone knows, grannies make the best parents, so […]

  • WMHD 2013

    Today is World Mental Health Day 2013: “Mental Health and Older People.”

  • Coming Soon: World Mental Health Day 2013—Mental health and older people

    Did you know there is a World Mental Health Day? You didn’t? It’s every year, on October 10. That’s in two days’ time, on Thursday. And the theme this year? MENTAL HEALTH AND OLDER PEOPLE.   by  gaspi *yg  So, to commemorate that, I’ll be blogging this month on just that subject: how mental illness affects the […]