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  • If God existed, would we know?

    (Photo: Jordi Zamora) If God exists, why isn’t the fact more obvious? It’s a common question, one I’ve asked and heard many ask. And with good reason, right? If there were a God, it only seems reasonable to expect that we should have no reason to doubt it. But maybe the matter is not as simple […]

  • Beginnings

    Or, a Christmas 2016 word-gift In the beginning God thundered, “Let there be!”And there were molecules and mountains the word moulding mice and men and meteors In the beginning again God whispered, “Let him be.”And Omnipresent came in present tense the Word into a world almost too noisy to hear… Almost. To new beginnings. Merry Xmas. 🙂

  • Who says you can’t question God?

    Who says you can’t question God?

    It’s one thing to say God isn’t bound to answer questions—but entirely another to say one dare not ask them.