How I recentre after an emotional flat tyre

And what my new glasses have to do with it I get rather frequent emotional flat tyres. That’s how I like to describe those times (more frequent than I’d like) when my mood drops and I feel rather slower than usual, and find myself struggling with less savoury thoughts about myself and the world. (Yeah, being […]

The RISE Manifesto: a call to think differently about health problems

The RISE Way: because there’s more to brief illnesses and persistent conditions than just time. What if there’s a better way to think about health problems than simply chasing cures? I believe there is: I call it the RISE Way. This is a manifesto about health problems. Or more specifically, about the problem with how we […]

What if supernatural miracles matter less than natural means?

The title isn’t just clickbait, just so you know. I’m totally serious. And if you’ll just hear me out, I’m fully prepared to explain myself. I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection between faith and science, because in a sense I’ve always lived on that intersection: I’ve been captivated by both the Christian faith and […]

Why depression is hard to talk about.

(Hint: It’s not depression. It’s you.) The World Health Organisation, for this year’s World Health Day, not only chose to focus on depression, but also went on to theme it, “Let’s Talk.” That is not a good thing. I mean, think about it. If you’re going to devote a World Health Day to a single issue […]

The German word that’s changed how I see people

(Bonus: an exercise to go with it that you can do with kids) Early on in my psychiatry training, I was exposed to two concepts that never actually came up in any exams. But they stuck in my head, because they helped make sense of something I’d observed as a generally practising doctor, and have proved […]

There’s a gap between doctors and patients

(where words apparently go to die) In my last post, I explained why anyone goes to see a doctor… When a health condition gets too much in the way of our ability to live our life as we want. My point there was that people don’t go to doctors for their symptoms, but so they can get […]

The REAL reason you’ll go to a doctor

Of course, it won’t be because you’re sick. Does that surprise you? Because it shouldn’t. Except you’re vastly different from most people, you have almost never gone to see a doctor because you were sick. You might think that’s why you go, but it’s not. Hello! And how are we doing today? I’ll cut to the chase […]

Why Nigeria needs more average (instead of star) doctors

Or, Thoughts on pre-med degrees as a bad idea There was a bit of a scare in March when an official of the National Universities Commission here in Nigeria was believed to have announced a proposed increase in medical school duration from the current six years to eleven. After an uproar against this alleged proposal within […]

Are mental illnesses spiritual?

I’ll never forget the woman. She was middle-aged, visibly sick, and surrounded by a foul-smelling odour that on closer examination, emanated from her breasts. Her diagnosis: stage 4 breast cancer. It had been diagnosed over a year earlier, at an earlier stage. Surgery had been advised then, but that had been the last anyone saw […]

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