As history, the Bible isn’t quite normal

No, really. I’ll explain. As historical records go, the Bible is pretty weird. I guess I’ve always known that on some level, but it came really clear after I wrote about history and how we get it wrong. In that article, I mentioned Chinua Achebe’s quoting the proverb about how the history of the hunt is […]

What every effective leader knows

(That many of our leaders don’t seem to) And history is not what we think it is. While thinking out my second point in my post on what history really is—that it’s not merely what happened, but what’s recorded and (especially) transmitted—it occurred to me Nigeria suffers a failure on just that point. I explore that here. […]

No, history is not “what happened in the past”

What it really is, and why that matters If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If an event wasn’t recorded, did it really happen? History is a funny thing. If you ask most people what history was, they’d reply something along the lines of, “What happened in the past.” Which […]

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