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  • Listening is loving by ear

    A Meditation on The Art of Heart When someone says, “Hey, listen,” they want to get your attention — and more than likely, they want all of it. Sometimes, though, you feel able to spare only some of it — or none. Still, social norms bid us at least make an effort, so more often than not, we turn to […]

  • I’m scared: is anyone listening?

    I’m afraid there’ll be an end of listening. I’m worried we’re no longer listening to people we disagree with. And it won’t matter how strong their arguments are… We won’t listen. It won’t matter if there’s truth in they say… We won’t listen. It won’t even matter if they’re really saying the same thing as […]

  • Mental Health First Aid (a post for World Mental Health Day 2015)

    Hello! Nice to have you over here. I’m glad you came to check out this extra resource. So in the spirit of the theme of World Mental Health Day 2015, “Dignity in Mental Health,” it’s a good time to talk about how we can support people with mental illness. So here’s a helpful approach to something called mental […]