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  • No, AI isn’t taking the place of doctors anytime soon

    I’ve been really excited for the implications of the new Apple Watch (I wrote on that here). But shortly after I shared my excitement, someone in a WhatsApp group for my medical school alumni brought up some new artificial intelligence (AI) breakthrough, and brought up the old question: by Tim Foster on Unsplash Won’t AI soon […]

  • Apple is quietly revolutionising healthcare

    Apple is quietly revolutionising healthcare

    The new Watch matters more than the new iPhones Why? Because I can think of three groups of people who would be directly invested in getting one asap: The elderly People with epilepsy People with heart disease For people in these groups (and that’s a lot of people) the Watch may well be such a lifesaver […]

  • Professional opinions on Trump’s mental health are a bad idea

    And I don’t even like Trump (Courtesy: Owantana) So yesterday, this happened. Yep. The American Psychoanalyst Association (APsA—not to be confused with the APA—American Psychiatric Association) yesterday relieved its members of what’s known as “the Goldwater rule” against making statements about the mental health of public figures. I think that was a bad move. You might […]

  • What detective stories taught me about medicine — and life

    Or, Sherlock Holmes…medical doctor? I loved detective stories when I was growing up. From the Famous Five, Secret Seven and Nancy Drew as a child, to Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes in my teens, I was fascinated by these brilliant boys and girls, men and women, enough that I fancied growing up to […]

  • The REAL reason you’ll go to a doctor

    Of course, it won’t be because you’re sick. Does that surprise you? Because it shouldn’t. Except you’re vastly different from most people, you have almost never gone to see a doctor because you were sick. You might think that’s why you go, but it’s not. Hello! And how are we doing today? I’ll cut to the chase […]

  • Why Nigeria needs more average (instead of star) doctors

    Or, Thoughts on pre-med degrees as a bad idea There was a bit of a scare in March when an official of the National Universities Commission here in Nigeria was believed to have announced a proposed increase in medical school duration from the current six years to eleven. After an uproar against this alleged proposal within […]