If you’re getting mental healthcare, I beg you: don’t stop your appointments

It’s for your own good, especially if medication is part of your care. I see this too often, and it’s heartbreaking and a bad idea. And stopping because you’re doing great reveals a common misconception about how mental healthcare works.

It’s hard to recognise my own emotional problems

The value of emotional insight Photo credit: Dmitry Ratushny (via Unsplash) It might seem weird: how, you might wonder, does a person not know they have emotional problems? Especially someone like me, who’s trained in mental healthcare. There’s several ways to answer that question, but for now let’s just say it’s sort of like how […]

Can we all just admit life gets tiresome?

A meditation on living with existential dread (Photo credit: Mario Azzi) Death doesn’t make me as anxious as life—and living—does. And I know I can’t be the only one. Right? Right? I don’t know for sure if that’s something everyone feels. Like, I’m sure there are those who know of what I speak, but I’m not […]

How I recentre after an emotional flat tyre

And what my new glasses have to do with it I get rather frequent emotional flat tyres. That’s how I like to describe those times (more frequent than I’d like) when my mood drops and I feel rather slower than usual, and find myself struggling with less savoury thoughts about myself and the world. (Yeah, being […]

The RISE Manifesto: a call to think differently about health problems

The RISE Way: because there’s more to brief illnesses and persistent conditions than just time. What if there’s a better way to think about health problems than simply chasing cures? I believe there is: I call it the RISE Way. This is a manifesto about health problems. Or more specifically, about the problem with how we […]

Why you should stop saying “I can’t imagine what you’re going through”

And why going through similar stuff as people isn’t that essential The reason, in one word: empathy. But I’ll need to unpack that, so read on. When stuff happens to people and we say, “I can’t imagine what you must be going through,” I get it but I think it’s misguided. I think we mean to […]

FRSC Nigeria wants to reverse Nigeria, mental health-wise

We need to stop them before they go further (Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash) So here’s the latest on Nigeria’s Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC Nigeria) and their poorly thought out and potentially harmful plan for motorists, which I’m going to try to show as dangerous and worthy to be scrapped post-haste. This is not […]

I’m Christian and I don’t believe mental illness is “spiritual”

(Except we can agree malaria and measles are, too.) On October 30, 2016, a prominent and otherwise widely respected Nigerian pastor tweeted: “The root cause of mental illness is Sin (Rom 6:23) and the foundational solution to mental health is Salvation.” Let’s just say the tweet ended up deleted. Amid the subsequent furore on Nigerian Twitter […]

Professional opinions on Trump’s mental health are a bad idea

And I don’t even like Trump (Courtesy: Owantana) So yesterday, this happened. Yep. The American Psychoanalyst Association (APsA—not to be confused with the APA—American Psychiatric Association) yesterday relieved its members of what’s known as “the Goldwater rule” against making statements about the mental health of public figures. I think that was a bad move. You might […]

Chester Bennington taught me to scream

A tribute to the man who gave me a soundtrack for a difficult time. Chester Bennington gave many of us a voice.(Credit: Kristina Servant) When I heard, yesterday, of Chester Bennington’s passing, I felt a hollowness within. Linkin Park’s music (especially their debut Hybrid Theory album) helped define a major inflection point in my life and […]

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