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  • Judging a movie by its book is like judging kids by their parents

    It’s simply not fair to either side (Photo credit: Denise Jans on Unsplash) “Movies aren’t as good as books.” Might as well say: “Kids aren’t as good as their parents.” That one comes from the other doesn’t justify judging both on the same scale. As media, books and movies are as different as children and parents […]

  • How to be smart about being smart

    7 lessons from superheroes. Being smart is great, but if you’re not smart about it, being smart can land you in a world of hurt. (And that wouldn’t be very smart, now, would it?) Before I say more about that, I should clarify how I’m using “smart” here: By “smart,” I mean being better than […]

  • Spiderman, the Flash and why outsiders are easy prey to terrorists

    (Or, why you should reach out to that young person you know who’s acting out.) “So to become an Avenger, are there like, trials, or…?” So call me late to the party, but I just saw the amazingness that is the Spiderman Homecoming trailer today! I’ve loved Spidey since I was a geeky secondary school student who […]

  • Epilepsy & seizures: what they are & what you need to know

    Epilepsy & seizures: what they are & what you need to know

    I’m sure you’ve seen seizures on TV before. If it was on Nigerian TV or home videos, I have a pretty good idea of what you might have seen: someone suddenly fell down, then started to shake and jerk uncontrollably, their eyes rolled back…and then it happens — it always happens on Nigerian TV and film seizures — the […]

  • 7 Ways Nollywood Misleads Us on Mental Illness

    7 Ways Nollywood Misleads Us on Mental Illness

    Nollywood has stepped up plenty in the last decade or so, and become we can be proud of. From oldies (sort of) like Ije and Figurine, to recent hits like Half of a Yellow Sun and October 1, we’ve seen better and better movies and TV shows. But there’s one area Nollywood — and Nigerian […]