A Nigerian superhero tale is born

My thoughts on trailer for the “Dawn of Thunder” Wow. I really, really, really liked this retelling of the story of the Yoruba god of thunder, Sango (pronounced, “Shawn-go,” by the way). I thought the animation and 3D were a little choppy, but at least one person has disagreed with me and I don’t 100% trust […]

FRSC Nigeria wants to reverse Nigeria, mental health-wise

We need to stop them before they go further (Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash) So here’s the latest on Nigeria’s Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC Nigeria) and their poorly thought out and potentially harmful plan for motorists, which I’m going to try to show as dangerous and worthy to be scrapped post-haste. This is not […]

Is suicide an act of bravery or cowardice?

You May Not Like The Answer To This… Short answer: you’re asking the wrong question.For the long answer, keep reading.See, I get this question a lot. And most especially after reports of suicide in the media, like now, in the wake of the recent suicide in by a medical doctor in Lagos, Nigeria. And even though I […]

What I learned about learning from a year in northern Nigeria

And a major reason children learn faster than adults I spent my national youth service year in northern Nigeria and managed to pick up quite a bit of Hausa, the lingua franca in that part of the country. And by “a bit,” I mean, I started off needing an interpreter to communicate with my patients, and […]

What every effective leader knows

(That many of our leaders don’t seem to) And history is not what we think it is. While thinking out my second point in my post on what history really is—that it’s not merely what happened, but what’s recorded and (especially) transmitted—it occurred to me Nigeria suffers a failure on just that point. I explore that here. […]

No, history is not “what happened in the past”

What it really is, and why that matters If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If an event wasn’t recorded, did it really happen? History is a funny thing. If you ask most people what history was, they’d reply something along the lines of, “What happened in the past.” Which […]

Why Nigeria needs more average (instead of star) doctors

Or, Thoughts on pre-med degrees as a bad idea There was a bit of a scare in March when an official of the National Universities Commission here in Nigeria was believed to have announced a proposed increase in medical school duration from the current six years to eleven. After an uproar against this alleged proposal within […]

Public psychiatric hospitals and services in Nigeria

A lot of people ask me about where they can get psychiatric services in Nigeria, and I’ve been meaning to make a list for a long time. And now, here it is.But first, a few things. First, allow me to give you a brief history of psychiatric services in Nigeria, as this helps explain the way I categorise the […]

The problem with our wrongheaded ideas of leadership

Or, How we help those leading us to handicap us There’s a very worrying way of thinking that’s pervasive in Nigeria (and maybe Africa), we take its normalcy for granted, when it’s really very deadly. The child who turns out poorly is blamed by elders for being a fool.The student who fails is blamed by the […]

Do you too believe these 8 misconceptions about suicide?

This post is in honour of World Suicide Prevention Day — September 10 every year — and the theme this year is, “Connect. Communicate. Care.” Connect. Communicate. Care. Three words that capture three key concepts in suicide prevention. And when you think about it, what they all have in common is that they’re things we can do for […]

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