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  • What if we fail at new habits because we try so hard?

    How I went from non-runner to running lover in 4 weeks of taking things easy A right hand, holding unlaced running shoes in a green field (Courtesy Kristian Egelund, via Unsplash) I am a runner. I couldn’t have said this a month ago. I wasn’t even thinking about running then. But somehow, in just four weeks, […]

  • Winning isn’t everything. Here’s why finishing is more important.

    And I’m not saying that just to make you feel good. I was talking to a friend of mine I consider a hero and whose grit I deeply respect. This is a guy who’s faced some pretty tough life challenges, including losing his father early, and at one point, practically living on the street. And yet […]

  • Allow me to give you feedback on giving feedback

    Allow me to give you feedback on giving feedback

    When someone says they want to give you “feedback,” you know it’s lion-feeding time, and you’re dinner. And when they ask for feedback, you know what they’re really saying. “Tell me you like my stuff, and that you think I’ll go places.” We’ve gotten it all wrong.