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  • The Story-View Manifesto: It’s time to own your story

    The Story-View Manifesto: It’s time to own your story

    You’re a storyteller. You may not feel like it or think about it, but that’s because it’s so ingrained into who you are, into your very DNA, that you don’t have to be conscious of it. Like your eyes, you see things through the stories you tell, which is exactly why they can remain invisible […]

  • A Nigerian superhero tale is born

    My thoughts on trailer for the “Dawn of Thunder” Wow. I really, really, really liked this retelling of the story of the Yoruba god of thunder, Sango (pronounced, “Shawn-go,” by the way). I thought the animation and 3D were a little choppy, but at least one person has disagreed with me and I don’t 100% trust […]

  • What detective stories taught me about medicine — and life

    Or, Sherlock Holmes…medical doctor? I loved detective stories when I was growing up. From the Famous Five, Secret Seven and Nancy Drew as a child, to Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes in my teens, I was fascinated by these brilliant boys and girls, men and women, enough that I fancied growing up to […]

  • What every effective leader knows

    (That many of our leaders don’t seem to) And history is not what we think it is. While thinking out my second point in my post on what history really is—that it’s not merely what happened, but what’s recorded and (especially) transmitted—it occurred to me Nigeria suffers a failure on just that point. I explore that here. […]