Tag: Truth

  • In a world of fake news, the truth is not enough—we need honesty with heart

    Let’s be honest about being honest (Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash) “Well, but that’s just the truth.” “I’m sorry, but I can’t lie — I say it like it is.” “I’m a blunt person.” That’s what you say when you’ve said something you believe is true, but unpleasant. I’ve often said them myself. And as social media […]

  • Facts aren’t final and doubt isn’t disbelief

    I often see people use “doubt” and “disbelief” interchangeably. The two could hardly be more different. Where a doubt asks a question, disbelief has already reached a conclusion. The voice of doubt whispers, “Is it true?” The voice of disbelief declares, “It’s not true!” Sometimes, of course, disbelief masks as doubt and pretends to ask […]

  • Daring myself daily

    Taking sage advice from Hemingway A few people have asked me how I manage to write something everyday. To be honest, I wasn’t sure myself I’d be able to keep it up — which is why I started with the modest goal of writing throughout January. To be honest though, it wasn’t really a goal. Considering how […]