Communication breakdown

Photo: Lily Lvnatikk A poem No one is an island, they saybut they lie, for what else are we?Bounded by our hard egosand separated by a vast sea of sheer individuality. Yet, we are not isolatedfor from island to islandleaky boats incessantly floaton currents of speech pilotedby unskilled thought… And long before they reachthe shores, they capsizeor […]

Death by criticism

A meditation on sticks, stones and words Harsh criticism and real communication have this in common: Both are about nakedness. And yet, they are fundamentally different. Communication is you in charge. You in the presence of someone else (or even a group), but taking off your clothes yourself, perhaps because they ask, but most importantly, because you […]

Paper or ebooks? Why the debate really doesn’t matter.

(And the one thing that does matter.) I’m a big fan of electronic reading and I don’t get those who insist that paper is better. Okay, I actually kind of get them, but still. It’s hard for me not to think of my friends who insist on paper as probably the same kind of people who […]

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