Schizophrenia: The mental disorder people call “madness”

October 10 every year is World Mental Health Day, and the theme for this year is Living With Schizophrenia. In commemoration of the theme, I will be talking about schizophrenia in this post, and in the follow-up posts. Olujimi wasn’t sure when it started, but he knew for sure by the middle of March that something […]

Ever wondered why people “commit” suicide?

Did you know World Suicide Prevention Day was 5 days ago? No? Well, now you do. It’s September 10 every year, and in commemoration of this year’s WSPD, this post and my next few posts will be a short series on suicide. Where were you when you heard of the death of Robin Williams’ a […]

7 reasons you need not be afraid of Ebola

Hi, how’ve you been? Sorry, I’ve been kinda sidetracked in the last couple weeks. I wrote a post immediately after the outbreak hit Nigeria (at the suggestion of a few doctor friends) on about what you could do to protect yourself. It turned out to be my most viewed post ever, but it also turned […]

What it’s like to have dementia

Grandma is aged 74 and a widow, five years now, and she lives with a domestic help in a Lagos suburb, although one or another of her three children drop by once every other week or so, usually with the grandkids (her first child is married). As everyone knows, grannies make the best parents, so […]

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