3 types of church people (just for fun)

Readers, Talkers and Singers It occurs to me that one can group church people into 3 rough categories, based on their preference for expressing faith. The readers. Aka “Bible students.” Spend at least half their quiet time quiet — I mean, reading the Bible.Favourite verse: Matthew 4:4 But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by […]

Babel, Babble and the Bible

What an ancient story can teach us about getting through to one another Talking to one another is so easy to take for granted. There’s a particular Bible story about language that (whether you believe in the Bible or not) is quite instructive. It’s about the tower of Babel, and the part that has a bearing […]


Or, a Christmas 2016 word-gift In the beginning God thundered, “Let there be!”And there were molecules and mountains the word moulding mice and men and meteors In the beginning again God whispered, “Let him be.”And Omnipresent came in present tense the Word into a world almost too noisy to hear… Almost. To new beginnings. Merry Xmas. 🙂

What a wizard story taught me about the Bible

The fantasy of Ursula K Le Guin, Adam’s first job—and me ADAM NAMED THE ANIMALS, we were told as kids. And if you heard anything like the version I heard in Sunday school, he was apparently going round saying, “Hey, you’ll be ‘Monkey.’ And you, you’re ‘Lion,’” and so on. (You had to wonder about cockroach […]

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