A therapist is a mirror (for your mind)

“You should try therapy.” Pause. What’s your instinctive response to that statement? Agreement? Disagreement? Scepticism? Laughter? Something else? (I’d like to hear what you chose!) In my experience—and I’m sure, that of anyone who’s worked in mental healthcare—scepticism is super common. And I find that equal parts frustrating and fascinating, because a lot of people […]

If you’re getting mental healthcare, I beg you: don’t stop your appointments

It’s for your own good, especially if medication is part of your care. I see this too often, and it’s heartbreaking and a bad idea. And stopping because you’re doing great reveals a common misconception about how mental healthcare works.

Police to do “mental test” but I’m worried. Here’s why.

So the other day I came across this headline in the national dailies announcing a new “initiative” from our dearly beloved police: AIG orders mental tests on Lagos policemen. (I actually was late to the party as it had been announced since mid-August and I only happened on it by the end of the month.) But you know when you see something […]

Why the attack on Ambode is retrogressive for mental health

So I woke up the other day to this piece of news going round:   I was upset by that headline, but I thought, “Let me read the article first before I start to vex.” Bad idea. I just ended up more vexed. Here’s the gist of it, if you haven’t clicked the link yet. There’s this […]

What plane crashes can teach us about violence in mental illness

Yes o — I’m still on this mental illness and violence matter! Honestly, I thought I’d just do a post on it, but each post so far has produced responses that necessitate another. (This will be the last for now, although I’m sure I’ll have to come back to it.) This post started as the answer to a […]

Can we just stop calling terrorists mentally ill?

I recently disagreed with a friend over mental illness and terrorism. It happened after the terrible Charlie Hebdo incident, and started because he had the temerity to suggest that the murderous terrorists were deserving of a psychiatric evaluation. That is one sure way to get me upset. Whenever there’s a discussion (online or off) of some […]