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  • Chester Bennington taught me to scream

    A tribute to the man who gave me a soundtrack for a difficult time. When I heard, yesterday, of Chester Bennington’s passing, I felt a hollowness within. Linkin Park’s music (especially their debut Hybrid Theory album) helped define a major inflection point in my life and growth. I’ve struggled with existential questions since childhood, and […]

  • Why depression is hard to talk about.

    (Hint: It’s not depression. It’s you.) The World Health Organisation, for this year’s World Health Day, not only chose to focus on depression, but also went on to theme it, “Let’s Talk.” That is not a good thing. I mean, think about it. If you’re going to devote a World Health Day to a single issue […]

  • 20 facts about depression you probably don’t know

    20 facts about depression you probably don’t know

    You’ll never guess number…just kidding! “Depression.” It’s such a commonly used word, isn’t it? When last did you use it yourself? This week? A month ago? Did you using it of yourself or someone you know? But then do you really know what depression is? What it means for someone to have it? Here’s your chance […]

  • 3 unique things about depression in Africans

    Hello! I’ve been talking about depression for awhile now (see here, here and here), and I’m all set to move on to another subject. Not because there isn’t more to be said, because there definitely is. (I mean, I haven’t even said anything yet about treatment options available for someone with depressive disorder, for instance!) I […]

  • Watch this short, but beautiful & honest, video on depression…

    I had a black dog, his name was depression. That’s what this video is called. I found this via Mental Health Works. It’s a video commissioned by the World Health Organisation, and it was written, animated and narrated by the very talented Matthew Johnstone (he’s an Australian artist and public speaker, and you can find […]

  • How to recognise depression (part 2): some more signs

    This is a follow up to my last post, How to recognise depression: the 3 signs you can’t afford to miss. (If you haven’t read that, you definitely should; these are only a few other things that may help.) Depression is a beast. Ok, sorry that came out of seemingly nowhere, but it’s true. It’s […]

  • How to recognise depression: the 3 signs you can’t afford to miss

    Would you like to know how to recognise depression? Learn about the top 3 things to look out for. And take a free online test.

  • What it’s like to have depressive disorder

    My last 3 posts (see here, here and here) were about laying out a basic understanding of mental illness. I’ll be taking on some of the more common mental disorders, beginning with one of the commonest and under-recognised: depression. Don’t say that later will be better Now you’re stuck in a moment And you can’t […]