Spiderman, the Flash and why outsiders are easy prey to terrorists

(Or, why you should reach out to that young person you know who’s acting out.) “So to become an Avenger, are there like, trials, or…?” So call me late to the party, but I just saw the amazingness that is the Spiderman Homecoming trailer today! I’ve loved Spidey since I was a geeky secondary school student who […]

On Mourning Prince—and Other Icons

A response to those who wonder I was thinking tonight about my longstanding love of fantasy, and then it hit me… Fantasy always leaves me mourning. The thought was a surprise, and got me thinking it could perhaps explain the reaction to Prince, and before him, David Bowie and Whitney and MJ and all the icons […]

Why do people who have experienced violence act unexpectedly?

And what can YOU do to help? This piece was originally posted on Bella Naija. I had a client once who had been involved with a cult. And in telling me about the experience, it was striking to observe the swinging between recognising how messed up the experience had been and defending the person behind it. […]

Why the attack on Ambode is retrogressive for mental health

Why the attack on Ambode is retrogressive for mental health This post was first published on my blog, DocAyomide.com. So I woke up the other day to this piece of news going round: Are you kidding me?! I was upset by that headline, but I thought, “Let me read the article first before I start to […]

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