A therapist is a mirror (for your mind)

“You should try therapy.” Pause. What’s your instinctive response to that statement? Agreement? Disagreement? Scepticism? Laughter? Something else? (I’d like to hear what you chose!) In my experience—and I’m sure, that of anyone who’s worked in mental healthcare—scepticism is super common. And I find that equal parts frustrating and fascinating, because a lot of people […]

No, AI isn’t taking the place of doctors anytime soon

I’ve been really excited for the implications of the new Apple Watch (I wrote on that here). But shortly after I shared my excitement, someone in a WhatsApp group for my medical school alumni brought up some new artificial intelligence (AI) breakthrough, and brought up the old question: by Tim Foster on Unsplash Won’t AI soon […]

Apple is quietly revolutionising healthcare

The new Watch matters more than the new iPhones Why? Because I can think of three groups of people who would be directly invested in getting one asap: The elderly People with epilepsy People with heart disease For people in these groups (and that’s a lot of people) the Watch may well be such a lifesaver […]

If you’re getting mental healthcare, I beg you: don’t stop your appointments

It’s for your own good, especially if medication is part of your care. I see this too often, and it’s heartbreaking and a bad idea. And stopping because you’re doing great reveals a common misconception about how mental healthcare works.

What detective stories taught me about medicine — and life

Or, Sherlock Holmes…medical doctor? I loved detective stories when I was growing up. From the Famous Five, Secret Seven and Nancy Drew as a child, to Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes in my teens, I was fascinated by these brilliant boys and girls, men and women, enough that I fancied growing up to […]

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