Simplicity is harder than complexity

How this paradox applies to writing One of my favourite writing quotes (yes, I collect them) is by 17th-century French mathematician and philosopher, Blaise Pascal. “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.” (Photo: Aaron Burden) I find myself thinking about it a lot when I’m trying to […]

Communication breakdown

Photo: Lily Lvnatikk A poem No one is an island, they saybut they lie, for what else are we?Bounded by our hard egosand separated by a vast sea of sheer individuality. Yet, we are not isolatedfor from island to islandleaky boats incessantly floaton currents of speech pilotedby unskilled thought… And long before they reachthe shores, they capsizeor […]

Death by criticism

A meditation on sticks, stones and words Harsh criticism and real communication have this in common: Both are about nakedness. And yet, they are fundamentally different. Communication is you in charge. You in the presence of someone else (or even a group), but taking off your clothes yourself, perhaps because they ask, but most importantly, because you […]

Be careful what you ask for?

Lessons from Stephen King’s “Needful Things” Just finished Needful Things, by Stephen King, and I’m still reeling. “Everyone loves something for nothing…even if it costs everything.” Stephen King King is truly a king and remains one of my favourite writers ever, since discovering him in secondary school. This 1991 book is a great example of why the […]

Newsflash: mental health reporting sucks

But it can be fixed. Here’s how. I’m tired. Tired of waking up to news reports that include terms like this… These were real, and just within the last one week. (You’d think an 11-time TV-station-of-the-year-winner would know better, right?) Just in case you have any trouble with the images, worry not, as I intend to break […]

What every effective leader knows

(That many of our leaders don’t seem to) And history is not what we think it is. While thinking out my second point in my post on what history really is—that it’s not merely what happened, but what’s recorded and (especially) transmitted—it occurred to me Nigeria suffers a failure on just that point. I explore that here. […]

No, history is not “what happened in the past”

What it really is, and why that matters History is a funny thing. If you ask most people what history was, they’d reply something along the lines of, “What happened in the past.” Which is, well — not quite right. I mean, it’s almost right, but this is one of those cases where almost isn’t enough. Like, you […]

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