Babel, Babble and the Bible

What an ancient story can teach us about getting through to one another Talking to one another is so easy to take for granted. There’s a particular Bible story about language that (whether you believe in the Bible or not) is quite instructive. It’s about the tower of Babel, and the part that has a bearing […]

There’s a gap between doctors and patients

(where words apparently go to die) In my last post, I explained why anyone goes to see a doctor… When a health condition gets too much in the way of our ability to live our life as we want. My point there was that people don’t go to doctors for their symptoms, but so they can get […]

Why is rape so frustrating to explain?

Or, Thoughts on rethinking rape advocacy to rapists Most people think of rape as a VERY BAD THING. Most people also believe that only VERY BAD PEOPLE do VERY BAD THINGS. The trouble is, most people don’t think of themselves as VERY BAD PEOPLE. Ergo, the following thinking: “If rape is a VERY BAD THING, and […]

Why do otherwise smart, successful people suck as leaders?

And how can YOU avoid their fate? “My people won’t follow me! They don’t do the tasks I assign them, they don’t take initiative on new issues! I often end up doing things myself, and it’s frustrating! I’m too stressed to babysit adults!” When you call, does anyone answer? This SOS came through during a conversation with […]

7 Ways Nollywood Misleads Us on Mental Illness

Nollywood has stepped up plenty in the last decade or so, and become we can be proud of. From oldies (sort of) like Ije and Figurine, to recent hits like Half of a Yellow Sun and October 1, we’ve seen better and better movies and TV shows. But there’s one area Nollywood — and Nigerian […]

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