7 Ways Nollywood Misleads Us on Mental Illness

Nollywood has stepped up plenty in the last decade or so, and become we can be proud of. From oldies (sort of) like Ije and Figurine, to recent hits like Half of a Yellow Sun and October 1, we’ve seen better and better movies and TV shows. But there’s one area Nollywood — and Nigerian […]

The Pernciousness of Personal See-Finish

You must be familiar with the following scenario. Someone says to another, “That’s a lovely shirt!” The other replies, “This shirt? It’s old na! It’s getting faded, sef!” Why do we do this to ourselves? The attitude behind these kinds of statements (and they are super common) is, I think, a deeply unhealthy one. Think […]

Why do people who have experienced violence act unexpectedly?

And what can YOU do to help? This piece was originally posted on Bella Naija. I had a client once who had been involved with a cult. And in telling me about the experience, it was striking to observe the swinging between recognising how messed up the experience had been and defending the person behind it. […]

Why the attack on Ambode is retrogressive for mental health

Why the attack on Ambode is retrogressive for mental health This post was first published on my blog, DocAyomide.com. So I woke up the other day to this piece of news going round: Are you kidding me?! I was upset by that headline, but I thought, “Let me read the article first before I start to […]

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