A therapist is a mirror (for your mind)

“You should try therapy.” Pause. What’s your instinctive response to that statement? Agreement? Disagreement? Scepticism? Laughter? Something else? (I’d like to hear what you chose!) In my experience—and I’m sure, that of anyone who’s worked in mental healthcare—scepticism is super common. And I find that equal parts frustrating and fascinating, because a lot of people […]

Who is my neighbour?

Wanting to justify himself, he asked, “Who is my neighbour?”Luke 10:29 (paraphrased) This was the lukewarm response to perhaps the most profound words ever uttered. But, let’s be honest, it’s a response we’re all familiar with, isn’t it? Few of us, if any, have a problem with the idea of loving our neighbour. The tricky […]

The unexpected lesson no-one told me about marriage

My most important lesson after nearly a year I’ve been married nearly a year & thought I’d write on my biggest (and most unexpected) lesson from the past year. And it’s this… Marriage is HUMBLING. I don’t know exactly if it’s because people don’t talk about it, or I didn’t listen well or if I just […]

How to be smart about being smart

7 lessons from superheroes. Being smart is great, but if you’re not smart about it, being smart can land you in a world of hurt. (And that wouldn’t be very smart, now, would it?) Before I say more about that, I should clarify how I’m using “smart” here: By “smart,” I mean being better than […]

Why we all can’t get along

A Parable About Unity Under Lock and Key A key and a padlock met for the first time. “You look funny,” said Key. “You look weird,” said Lock. “I’m slim, I’m long, and I have beautiful detail on my edges. You’re heavy and just shapeless.” said Key. “Me? I’m all nice and rounded, with intricate internal workings. […]

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