Can we just stop calling terrorists mentally ill?

I recently disagreed with a friend over mental illness and terrorism. It happened after the terrible Charlie Hebdo incident, and started because he had the temerity to suggest that the murderous terrorists were deserving of a psychiatric evaluation. That is one sure way to get me upset. Whenever there’s a discussion (online or off) of some […]

How Tinsel is throwing away a chance to make a difference for mental health in Africa

This post by me was first published on, a website about Africa’s stories, by Africans. Go here to read the original post, as well as check out other interesting reads on African Hadithi.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Tinsel. It’s a great show, with a good cast and an engaging plot, sufficiently complex […]

What’s the difference: psychiatrist, psychologist & shrink?

This is a question that comes up pretty frequently, and someone just asked it again here on the blog a few days ago. Psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, shrink. To-may-to, to-mah-to? Or completely different concepts? My suspicion is most people have an idea that they’re all different, they just can’t put their finger on it. Well, here’s […]

Coming Soon: World Mental Health Day 2013—Mental health and older people

Did you know there is a World Mental Health Day? You didn’t? It’s every year, on October 10. That’s in two days’ time, on Thursday. And the theme this year? MENTAL HEALTH AND OLDER PEOPLE.   by  gaspi *yg  So, to commemorate that, I’ll be blogging this month on just that subject: how mental illness affects the […]

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