Public psychiatric hospitals and services in Nigeria

A lot of people ask me about where they can get psychiatric services in Nigeria, and I’ve been meaning to make a list for a long time. And now, here it is.But first, a few things. First, allow me to give you a brief history of psychiatric services in Nigeria, as this helps explain the way I categorise the […]

If you think suicide isn’t that common, you’re dead wrong. Here’s why.

Every time the subject of suicide comes up in a conversation (usually because there’s one in the media or at times like the recent World Suicide Prevention Day, someone is sure to ask me why we should worry about suicide, and if it’s really such a big deal. (And yes, this has been known to happen even when the […]

Do you too believe these 8 misconceptions about suicide?

This post is in honour of World Suicide Prevention Day — September 10 every year — and the theme this year is, “Connect. Communicate. Care.” Connect. Communicate. Care. Three words that capture three key concepts in suicide prevention. And when you think about it, what they all have in common is that they’re things we can do for […]

“Do I have an anxiety disorder?” Test yourself quickly here!

Ever wondered if you, or someone you care about, might have an anxiety disorder? Here’s a free self-test to help you answer that question! And it won’t even take you more than a minute! This is NOT the same as actually going to see a doctor: the scores you get cannot be used as a diagnosis. But I’ve […]

Creating awareness with Dr Vivian Ikem

So I was invited by the lovely Dr Vivian Ikem to her event to help create awareness on depression. Here’s an excerpt from the news report on the event by The Nation Online: While the book reading took on a congenial and jovial bearing, nuggets of informative material prevalently seeped forth from the speakers, including a psychiatric doctor, Ayomide […]

Why does abuse make people behave “strangely”?

And what can YOU do to help? This piece was originally posted on Bella Naija. I had a client once who had been involved with a cult. And in telling me about the experience, it was striking to observe the swinging between recognising how messed up the experience had been and defending the person behind it. […]

Are mental illnesses spiritual?

I’ll never forget the woman. She was middle-aged, visibly sick, and surrounded by a foul-smelling odour that on closer examination, emanated from her breasts. Her diagnosis: stage 4 breast cancer. It had been diagnosed over a year earlier, at an earlier stage. Surgery had been advised then, but that had been the last anyone saw […]

How are mental disorders inherited? (part 2): traditional beliefs

Doc Ayomide’s Mental Health Breakdown Series This is the second of two posts on inheriting mental illness and was originally published on BellaNaija. In the first part which you can read here, I explained the inheritance of mental illness: how it works, and why the answer to the question is, “Yes and no.” You can enjoy this […]

How are mental disorders inherited?

A general explanation of how heredity and genes work (First of two posts on inheriting mental illness and the first of a new Mental Health Breakdown Series.) This question about whether or not one can inherit mental illness is one I get often, and I’m going to answer it today. Plus, I’ll explain the massive misconception in the popular idea […]

7 Ways Nollywood Misleads Us on Mental Illness

Nollywood has stepped up plenty in the last decade or so, and become we can be proud of. From oldies (sort of) like Ije and Figurine, to recent hits like Half of a Yellow Sun and October 1, we’ve seen better and better movies and TV shows. But there’s one area Nollywood — and Nigerian […]

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