Creating awareness with Dr Vivian Ikem

So I was invited by the lovely Dr Vivian Ikem to her event to help create awareness on depression. Here’s an excerpt from the news report on the event by The Nation Online: While the book reading took on a congenial and jovial bearing, nuggets of informative material prevalently seeped forth from the speakers, including a psychiatric doctor, Ayomide […]

Epilepsy & seizures: what they are & what you need to know

I’m sure you’ve seen seizures on TV before. If it was on Nigerian TV or home videos, I have a pretty good idea of what you might have seen: someone suddenly fell down, then started to shake and jerk uncontrollably, their eyes rolled back…and then it happens — it always happens on Nigerian TV and film seizures — the […]

How are mental disorders inherited? (part 2): traditional beliefs

Doc Ayomide’s Mental Health Breakdown Series This is the second of two posts on inheriting mental illness and was originally published on BellaNaija. In the first part which you can read here, I explained the inheritance of mental illness: how it works, and why the answer to the question is, “Yes and no.” You can enjoy this […]

How are mental disorders inherited?

A general explanation of how heredity and genes work (First of two posts on inheriting mental illness and the first of a new Mental Health Breakdown Series.) This question about whether or not one can inherit mental illness is one I get often, and I’m going to answer it today. Plus, I’ll explain the massive misconception in the popular idea […]

7 Ways Nollywood Misleads Us on Mental Illness

Nollywood has stepped up plenty in the last decade or so, and become we can be proud of. From oldies (sort of) like Ije and Figurine, to recent hits like Half of a Yellow Sun and October 1, we’ve seen better and better movies and TV shows. But there’s one area Nollywood — and Nigerian […]

Mental Health First Aid (a post for World Mental Health Day 2015)

Hello! Nice to have you over here. I’m glad you came to check out this extra resource. So in the spirit of the theme of World Mental Health Day 2015, “Dignity in Mental Health,” it’s a good time to talk about how we can support people with mental illness. So here’s a helpful approach to something called mental […]

Post Pregnancy Depression – A New Mother’s Unwanted Visitor

This post was originally published on Bella Naija. May 10 was Mother’s day, and May 11-17 is Mental Health Awareness Week 2015. So in honour of both, I’ll be talking today about a major mental health issue that affects mothers: “baby blues” and post-pregnancy depression. “Hey honey, did you sleep?” Iyabo stared back at her husband. “Oh, darling.” He came over […]

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