Schizophrenia: The mental disorder people call “madness”

October 10 every year is World Mental Health Day, and the theme for this year is Living With Schizophrenia. In commemoration of the theme, I will be talking about schizophrenia in this post, and in the follow-up posts. Olujimi wasn’t sure when it started, but he knew for sure by the middle of March that something […]

Still on suicide: what you can do if it’s you, and how you can help if it’s not

This is my second post in a short series on suicide. You’ll find a link to the first one at the end of this post. There are 2 groups of people here. – Those who are personally struggling with suicide, whether they’ve made an attempt, or not. – Those whose friends or relatives actually completed […]

Have you been told any of these 5 myths about mental illness?

This post was first published on AfricanHadithi, an online magazine about Africa by Africans on everyday African experiences.  In a post on AfricanHadithi, I talked about how Tinsel has not being as helpful as it could have to the cause of mental health and disorders, and one of the things I said was that the show would have […]

3 unique things about depression in Africans

Hello! I’ve been talking about depression for awhile now (see here, here and here), and I’m all set to move on to another subject. Not because there isn’t more to be said, because there definitely is. (I mean, I haven’t even said anything yet about treatment options available for someone with depressive disorder, for instance!) I […]

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