The RISE Manifesto: a call to think differently about health problems

The RISE Way: because there’s more to brief illnesses and persistent conditions than just time. What if there’s a better way to think about health problems than simply chasing cures? I believe there is: I call it the RISE Way. This is a manifesto about health problems. Or more specifically, about the problem with how we […]

The most unhelpful question when things go wrong

And 2 reasons it’s so common There’s a question I often get from people I’m working with that breaks my heart. The question is this: “How do I get back to who I used to be?” It’s a question I understand, being as human as they are. But the reason it breaks my heart is, it’s […]

Why are emotional wounds so hard to “treat”?

So in my last post, “How our wounds make us human,” I explained what a wound is. I’ll recap the definition: An emotional wound is the “breakage” in your image of yourself or of life, that’s caused by a negative experience. In this post, I’ll be unpacking that definition and showing you why wounds can be so […]

How our wounds make us human

No, I’m not about to romanticise pain. Wounds hurt, and nobody likes them, including me. But they do make us human, and I want to explain how in this post. You know the saying: “Everyone’s got a little bit of madness”?  I don’t really like it (and if you know or follow me at all, you can already guess why: because […]

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