Category: Poems

  • Rendezvous

    A poem Windscreen partly covered with water droplets looking out on road with traffic and green lights (Photo by Tessa Reed on Unsplash) He glances at her,this chauffeur-drivenman in business suit,from within his air-conditionedmade-by-Toyota rain shelter,one of nineteen suchthat slow to a stopbefore the glare oftwo red lights. Her eyes stung by endlessdarts of falling water,She […]

  • From my cage to yours

    A meditation Two hands gripping a wire fence (Photo by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash) Here we stand, you and I,aching souls sentenced to lifewithin frail cages of tissue and bonebehind walls that first were fences — boundary-markers over which to meet — but now serve only to imprison ourselves.And within, we are lonely. Here we stand, cage to cage,and […]

  • Shameless

    A poem for the woman I love My body tingles at your tender touch my eyes ever savour your smileand my ears endlesslylong for your laugh—but my bottomlessshameless need? Your pride in me. A response to Terijo’s “Need Prompt” in Intimately Intricate

  • New Year’s Day: A tale of two lights

    An annual word-gift (Image courtesy Nick Gesell) Fireworks at midnight herald a new year eagerly anticipated,much celebrated, and asone by one, we sleep… Sunrise on the horizonushers in new dawnjust like the one before — an ordinary gloryoutshining fireworks. Today is a new yearbut everyday is a new dawnif we look to the light. Happy new year.

  • SMS

    A Christmas poem A wordspokenlays down its lifeby taking onflesh of black texton white pageto await the attentivereaderin whose mindthe letter, springingto new life,may become spirit. The Word became fleshand laid down his lifein birthgiving lifein giving life upredefining love. May that love lead you to the beauty on the far side of pain. Merry […]

  • I’m scared: is anyone listening?

    I’m afraid there’ll be an end of listening. I’m worried we’re no longer listening to people we disagree with. And it won’t matter how strong their arguments are… We won’t listen. It won’t matter if there’s truth in they say… We won’t listen. It won’t even matter if they’re really saying the same thing as […]

  • Love in three haiku

    A poem for Valentine’s Day Love: putting your life in the hands of someone else – and at their mercy Getting the person of your dreams, then taking on their own dreams with yours All just fun at first, Until it hits you — love is really life and debt.

  • Love’s dilemma

    (A haiku) I love you and think you’re reciprocating — or is this just payback? (Photo: William Stitt)

  • Global villagers

    A poem The world is shrinking— and in response, we are thinking smaller. (Photo: Slava Bowman)

  • Writing everyday: a record

    Here’s everything I wrote in January 2017 Day 1: Some Time (Or, A word-gift for New Year’s Day 2017) Day 2: It’s OK to insist that faith make sense (Or, Why St Thomas is my kind of guy). I published two posts on the 2nd, by the way: the second was “The REAL reason you’ll go […]