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  • My interview with Jennifer Kabangu

    My interview with Jennifer Kabangu

    Interview! So earlier this year (this was in April 2016) I was interviewed by a postgraduate student from Australian National University. Her name? Jennifer Kabangu, from Congo-Kinshasa, and she’s presently completing a Masters in Culture, Health and Medicine. As part of her research at the time, she was investigating the effects of culture on mental health, and vice versa. She found me […]

  • [Twitter Chat] Nigeria & the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Health

    I was part of a two hour session on Twitter, along with two other medical doctor colleagues, to discuss the new United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The SDGs are an update of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which were due to be completed by 2015. That goal hasn’t quite worked out, and that’s partly where the SDGs […]

  • On STV to talk about Substance abuse

    I was at Silverbird Television (STV) with Aghogho Oboh and Victoria Pepple to talk about substance abuse and over-the-counter (OTC) drug use. Enjoy! And please, share!

  • 7 reasons you need not be afraid of Ebola

    Hi, how’ve you been? Sorry, I’ve been kinda sidetracked in the last couple weeks. I wrote a post immediately after the outbreak hit Nigeria (at the suggestion of a few doctor friends) on about what you could do to protect yourself. It turned out to be my most viewed post ever, but it also turned […]

  • Ebola is here in Lagos: here’s what you need to know…

    Ebola is here, after all. But we need not be scared. Since they say knowledge is power, here’s some knowledge for you.