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  • In sickness and in health

    In sickness and in health

    Is it dishonest to reduce your goals if you’re sick? An essay on the sick role and the power of “allowing yourself morning”.

  • Good or bad? Wrong question.

    Good or bad? Wrong question.

    We’re obsessed with hierarchies. We see thing A and thing B and instinctively wonder which comes first. It’s why kids argue about whose dad is stronger and fans about whether Batman or Iron Man is smarter. (For the record, the answer is always Batman.) Our minds are meaning-making machines—which means we will sometimes impose some […]

  • Productivity for “lazy” people

    Productivity for “lazy” people

    I’m feel more like a productivity slacker than a ninja most of the time. Looking for how to be productive without killing yourself? I got you.

  • Conspiracy theories: what’s the appeal?

    Conspiracy theories: what’s the appeal?

    Information offers power, belonging and satisfaction. Conspiracy theories are information on steroids—and no less addictive. That allure is worth exploring.

  • It takes a spark to start a movement

    It takes a spark to start a movement

    The people who have changed things in the past weren’t especially brave or rash: they just have a moment happens when something sparks them to take action. That’s all it takes: a spark.

  • On insecurity

    A person is secure when they have two core convictions in place: That something belongs to them That it won’t be taken away without their permission. When either of these convictions is shaky, we have what I call “ownership uncertainty”, which is what leads to the feeling we know as insecurity. This uncertainty can often […]

  • “Black Panther” raises big questions about identity & loyalty

    How the hit movie proves so effective Killmonger facing off with T’Challa: Who are you and what are you loyal to? Black Panther confronted me with two big questions I find simultaneously longstanding and fresh. The best stories are those that continue long after the last page has turned or credits have rolled. But even among […]

  • I read 57 books in 2017: here’s my top reads

    And how I categorise my reading So in 2017 I finished 57 books across 3 broad categories of reading. (I say finished because there was another 20 plus I left unfinished either out of disinterest or something else catching my attention — more on that in a bit.) I didn’t feel like that was a whole lot (I’d […]

  • Crickets

    Flash Fiction The knock woke Bankole, although he didn’t realise at first, while he lay still in the silence that was breeched only by the screech of crickets. Then he heard it, and he knew what had awoken him: a single knock, like that of someone afraid that someone would actually answer. “Bankole?” A whisper. […]

  • A Nigerian superhero tale is born

    My thoughts on trailer for the “Dawn of Thunder” Wow. I really, really, really liked this retelling of the story of the Yoruba god of thunder, Sango (pronounced, “Shawn-go,” by the way). I thought the animation and 3D were a little choppy, but at least one person has disagreed with me and I don’t 100% trust […]