Writing everyday: a record

Here’s everything I wrote in January 2017

Day 1: Some Time (Or, A word-gift for New Year’s Day 2017)

Day 2: It’s OK to insist that faith make sense (Or, Why St Thomas is my kind of guy). I published two posts on the 2nd, by the way: the second was “The REAL reason you’ll go to a doctor.”

Day 3: There’s a gap between doctors and patients (where words apparently go to die)

Day 4: Talking ≠ Communication (And 3 things you might be taking for granted about getting through to others)

Day 5: Babel, Babble and the Bible: What an ancient story can teach us about getting through to one another

Day 6: Taken (a poem): In honour of Verishima Unokyur, who died by suicide, and the family who survive him

Day 7: Want to hack being funny? Know this one thing. (Do try this at home. Practice not included.)

Day 8: 3 types of church people (just for fun): Readers, Talkers and Singers

Day 9: Paper or ebooks? Why the debate really doesn’t matter. (And the one thing that does matter.)

Day 10: No, history is not “what happened in the past”: What it really is, and why that matters

Day 11: What every effective leader knows (That many of our leaders don’t seem to)

Day 12: Newsflash: mental health reporting sucks: But it can be fixed. Here’s how.

Day 13: Confession: I’m very easily distracted… (And I will never forget the first time I realised it.)

Day 14: I was called “boring,” yet I was never bored: How I learned to come to terms with the dichotomy

Day 15: As history, the Bible isn’t quite normal

Day 16: How to be smart about being smart: 7 lessons from superheroes

Day 17: Be careful what you ask for? Lessons from Stephen King’s “Needful Things”

Day 18: There are NO “art” or “science” students: Our young people are being sold a lie

Day 19: “Have I anything to say that hasn’t been said?” (A story about how I became free of this question)

Day 20: Death by criticism: A meditation on sticks, stones and words

Day 21: Not all thinking about death is morbid: A meditation on “dark” subjects

Day 22: If you weren’t feeling church today: Some encouragement for we the easily distracted

Day 23: The German word that’s changed how I see people (Bonus: an exercise to go with it that you can do with kids)

Day 24: Communication Breakdown: A poem

Day 25: I’m tired of hearing older people blame younger ones: A riff off of that Simon Sinek video

Day 26: What is simple isn’t necessarily easy: Time we stopped mixing up the two concepts

Day 27: Listening is loving by ear: A meditation on the art

Day 28: How exactly is ours a better world? (Thoughts on 21st-century human behaviour)

Day 29: If God existed, would we know? If God exists, why isn’t the fact more obvious?

Day 30: Simplicity is harder than complexity: How this paradox applies to writing

Day 31: How daily writing is like daily…cooking. Learnings from 18,074 words in 31 days

And, this one from last year: Spiderman, the Flash and why outsiders are easy prey for terrorists

Published by Doc Ayomide

I’m a medical doctor with specialty training in psychiatry, and I love thinking and writing about what it means to be human.

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